Mung Bean & Stinkweed Sweet Soup (绿豆臭草糖水)

My Mother-In-Law always love adding Stinkweed into her Mung Bean Soup. For the 1st time she serve me this, I don’t really like it.

Stinkweed (臭草) is an informal name of a plant called Herba Rutae. Sounds cheem isn’t it? Yea. It sounds cheem to me too. According to the internet, this plant is a chinese medicine for relieving inflammation and pain. To my understanding from the old-folks, this is good to detox our body. I know very little about it. I only know that this is a good stuff. This can be bought from Chinatown wet market. There’s a stall selling varieties of fresh Chinese medicinal plant.

While Mung bean (or people call it green bean) has it’s cooling effect and has the detox effect too. It act as a diuretic, help fortify the stomach and decrease fats. You can get this at any convenient store!

After I knew the goodness of Stinkweed and Mug bean, I started to love this soup. The starchiness & sweetness of the bean itself is simply great.

There’s no recipe given by my Mother-In-Law. All she told me is just “Mung bean, stinkweed, water and rock sugar loh. Just agak-agak (estimate) can already”. Ah.. learning cooking from fellow seniors always must be prepared. Because the word “agak-agak” is their measurement on whatever recipe they use! Hahas…

This is a bowl of goodness that I would recommend you to try, especially when you are living in a country like Singapore & Malaysia… enjoying super hot summer time all year round.

Nothing beats good & nutritious food that you’ve prepared for your loved ones. Right? 🙂

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