Quick Meal : Baby Whitebaits Omelette

I supposed to blog this a week ago. But I totally forgotten about it. I cook this for myself over the weekend for a quick lunch. As usual, I would rather eat something plain and simple at home than going out for a meal that is complicated and expensive food. Sometimes when I taste the food selling at coffee shops or hawker centre, especially economical rice stall, I really wonder how long had they kept those meat in the freezer before they cook it. Or, sometimes I can’t help thinking that I’m actually eating unwashed veggies. But it is really unavoidable. When we are busy, we will still eat out even tho we know the fact that the food that they serve is no good.

This time round I didn’t add prawns in there. Just pure whitebaits. A generous amount of whitebaits for my omelette. Yumms!!!

This takes me only 5mins. It’s super quick.

Ingredient (Serves 1)

  • a tablespoon of oil
  • 1 egg, beaten. Make it two if you want.
  • a handful of whitebaits. But please be generous.
  • a dash of pepper
  • spring onions as garnishing

1. Give the whitebaits a quick wash, drained. You wont want your whitebaits to be too wet.
2. Heat up your pan with a tablespoon of oil in there. Add in whitebaits, toss.
3. Beaten eggs in, stir well. Make sure all your whitebaits are sticked together with eggs.
4. Fry each side till golden pale brown (refer to my picture), a dash of pepper on each side.
5. Dish up, sprinkle spring onions, and serve with steamed white rice.

You don’t need to add any soy sauce nor salt. Whitebaits itself has a mild salty taste. When it’s combined together with the eggs, the taste would be just nice.

Nom.. Nom.. Nom….. Satisfying!

I finished 1 bowl of rice by just eating this omelette.

Give it a try! 😀


Quick Meal : Bak Kwa Fried Rice

A real rush hour today. No bluff. Max is coming home to fetch me in 20mins time. Max don’t have the time to eat dinner at home. So, we’re heading to coffee shop for a simple meal, which could makes my life much easier by just eating coffee shop food. But I just don’t feel like eating outside food today. I’m kinda… Urgh! I’d rather eat my own simple cooking than eating out. But he’s in a rush, and he wanted me to eat dinner with him.

Since I need to sit at the coffee shop and eat with him, and he need to rush for his duty after his quick dinner. I decided to make myself a real quick bento for myself to bring along.

Looking at these ingredients… It’s obviously fried rice lah!

As usual, I dig out whatever I have in the fridge…

Actually, I don’t have much left-over. I knew it. But when I saw a bowl of left-over Japanese rice in the fridge, I’m so mad happy! Hahaha… And I saw a pack of Bak-Kwa lying on the table. And immediately I know I should make fried rice!

Ingredients (Serve 1 hungry girl)

  • a bowl of left-over rice
  • a tablespoon of oil
  • 1 beaten egg
  • a handful of Bak Kwa
  • a chopped shallot
  • a handful of spring onions
  • some red chilli
  • some chinese parsley (optional)
  • 4 to 5 tablespoons of soy sauce (judge by your own taste).
  • few dashes of pepper

1. In a wok, toss the Bak-Kwa till it looks lightly charred. Just lightly charred will do. Don’t over fry it. No need to add oil on the wok. Bak-Kwa itself is oily enough. Dish up, set aside.

2. Beaten eggs on the wok. Just fry it messily. Like frying scrambled eggs. When it is about 70% cooked. Dish up, set aside. Eyeball it yourself. I always do this additional step instead of frying the egg directly onto the rice and fry, because I felt that the eggs would looks nicer on my fried rice if it’s been scrambled beforehand, so that it would be evenly distributed in pieces.

3. A tablespoons of oil on the wok, fry chopped shallot till fragrant. Add in chilli & rice. Give it a quick toss. Add the rest of the ingredients (eggs, spring onions, bak kwa, chinese parsley) into the wok. Not to forget soy sauce & pepper. Give it a toss for another 2 to 3 mins should be good enough. Dish up & serve.


You will have to agree with me that this is really easy.

If you were to notice, I only used Soy Sauce & Pepper for this fried rice. Reason is because I don’t want to add too much of a flavor that might mess around with the Bak-Kwa taste. It’s Bak-Kwa fried rice. The “lead-actor” must be Bak-Kwa then.

Some people like to use salt for their fried rice, and used dark soy sauce to achieve brownish color for their fried rice. But for me, I always like to use Soy sauce alone, sometimes will use abit of fish sauce to enhance the taste (when I don’t feel lazy). Soy sauce itself is light dark in color. It will give the fried rice a pale brown color, which I find it really nice looking. And it has it’s unique oriental saltiness that goes very well with fried rice.

Look at my bowl of fried rice… It’s simple, and it looks nice 🙂

I get this done in 15mins time. Another 5mins to wash up the mess in the kitchen. Total 20mins. Thou it’s abit of work here, but I can assure you that this fried rice taste much better than coffee shop Cze Char fried rice that cost at least S$4.00 a plate! 😀

Would you like to have a bowl now?

Wallet Eggs (荷包蛋). The best & simple way to enjoy fried eggs


I made this over the weekend. Nothing special to hoo-haa about. I just cracked two eggs on my pan. Fried my eggs plainly. No other crap out of it. Although I know many other ways to prepare egg dishes, but still, I love eating fried eggs in a simple way. And for no reason, sometimes I will crave for it.

Now take a look at the naked eggs dancing on the pan…

When we are eating out, we always eat eggs with something. In an omelette, or a sandwich, or a toast to soak up the runny but gooey yolk, or whatever. Because the list will goes on and on if I were to continue to write about it.

There are many different terms to describe fried eggs. But the common ones that we usually recognised is fried eggs, sunny side up or over-easy …

  • A style known simply as ‘fried’ — eggs are fried on both sides with the yolks broken until set or hard. This is what I’m doing now… And I love it.
  • Sunny side up’ — cooked only on one side; yolk is liquid; the egg white is often still a bit runny as well.
  • Over easy’ cooked on both sides; the yolk is a light runny and the egg white is not fully cooked. It’s also commonly referred to as dippy eggs. (Dipping toast into the yolk while eating).

The Chinese fry the egg on both sides, often lightly salted or with soy sauce (or fish sauce). Which I always did. It can also be garnished with sliced spring onion. It is called 荷包蛋, which is literally “Wallet Egg”. This is it… The egg yolk just done nicely, with abit soft in texture, but not runny. The side of the egg whites is gently charred, but not over cooked.

My beautiful 荷包蛋 (Wallet Eggs) with fish sauce dressing. Why is it fish sauce? Because eggs and fish sauce is “perfect-match”. You could use the traditional way by using soy sauce. I do, sometimes. Depends on my mood. I could even caramelized it with a gently burnt soy sauce. I think this is the best and simple way to enjoy fried eggs.

So, are you gonna fry some Wallet Eggs for yourself tonight?

Baby Whitebaits and Prawn Omelette

I love fresh baby whitebaits! They are sweet, tender, beautiful and I regard it as a delicacy.

I saw it selling at the wet market. Immediately I asked the fish monger “Uncle, this one how much?”… “S$3.00 per pack!”, he replied. Without hesitating, I grab it!

Along with the baby whitebaits, I asked for some fresh prawns too.

If your seafood is fresh enough, there’s no good cooking skills nor fancy cooking method needed. All we need here is a simple way of preparing the food. And I come up with this for dinner…

Baby Whitebaits and Prawn Omelette.

Ingredients are simple too.


  • a handful of fresh baby whitebaits
  • about 6 to 7 fresh prawns, cut into small chunks
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • a pinch of sea salt, a dash of pepper
  • a tablespoon of cooking oil
  • sprinkle of spring onions

1. In a pan, a tablespoon of cooking oil, whitebaits, prawn chunks, sea salt. Give it a quick toss.

2. Pour beaten eggs in, give it a good and gentle stir to ensure all whitebaits & prawns sticked with the eggs. A dash of pepper on it

3. Under medium heat, pan fry it about 2 mins on each side. Off the heat, sprinkle with spring onions & wala! Another quick dish!

Max loves this to the max! He ate almost all of them.
Now lets take a close look at the baby whitebaits. It’s beautiful isn’t it?

This is another rush hour dish that you could try at home. It’s really easy. Even Max can do it 🙂