Shiratama Dango (Japanese Rice Dumpling)

In my previous post about Rice Dumplings with Adzuki Beans & Brown Syrup, it is actually Shiratama Dango wannabe. Because I didn’t go and hunt for Mochiko. But this time is the real Shiratama Dango that I’m making. I found Mochiko & Kinako in Meidi-Ya Liang Court! Mad happy!

I love Japanese food. But I have reserve when it comes to their desserts. And I must confess that I don’t like those traditional Japanese sweets that are based on sweetened beans. For the most part they are way too sweet for me, and I always imagine that if I were to make them for myself I will definitely adjust the sweetness level.

Diabetes leh! Hahahas…

I had been reading about Shiratama Dango recently. This is the 1st time I make Japanese dessert, and I somehow I find myself courageous. Hahas. Okays, before I start writing, allow me to give a simple explanation about this Japanese dessert :-

Dango is literally a Japanese dumpling made from Mochiko (Rice Flour), related to Mochi.

Shiratama-ko (白玉粉)is sweet or glutinous rice flour, or mochiko, mixed with a little corn starch or potato starch.

Kinako is a soy bean flour that is commonly used in Japanese cuisine as it is a healthy topping that contains Vit B and protein. Kinako is produced by finely grinding roasted soybeans into powder.

This is easy to make. Trust me. If you know how to make Tang-Yuan (汤圆), you can make this. And once you know how to make this, you will not want to pay S$5 – S$7 for a miserable portion of this dessert at Japanese Restaurants.

Ingredient 1 (Shiramata Dango)
4 tablespoons of glutinous rice flour
2 tablespoons of Mochiko
about 8 tablespoons of water
pink & green coloring
some Kinako – for finishing

Ingredient Source…
Glutinous Rice Flour – Any convenient store. NTUC / Cold Storage & etc.
Mochiko – So far I only saw it at Meidi-Ya Liang Court. It cost S$6.90/pack.
Kinako – Daiso sell S$2.00/200g pack. Meidi-Ya sell S$3.00/300g pack.
Pink / Green Coloring – Genera convenient stores that carry basic bakery stuffs should have. NTUC / Cold Storage / Sheng Siong / Phoon Huat & etc.

1. Combine two flours in a bowl. Drizzle in half of the water and use fingers to stir and moisten the ingredients. U can use spoon instead. No issue here. Then, gradually work in the remaining liquid, kneading the dough into a PlayDoh type of consistency, that is firm yet soft and smooth.

2. Divide dough into two, use a toothpick to dap a few drops of coloring, and continue to knead till the color turned evenly on the dough. Just like this…

3. Oh yea.. this is my favorite part here. It’s PlayDoh Time! Divide them into small little cute balls. About 5 grams each. Just estimate will do. You should be getting about 16 to 17 balls in total.

4. Drop them into the boiling water one by one. Give it a gentle stir to avoid the balls sticking to each other.

5. Until the balls float on top, it means they are cooked. Let it simmer for another minute. At this point of time, you can prepare a bowl of ice cube water.

6. Dish up the balls, and drop them into the ice cube water and let it cool down completely.

7. Once it has cooled down, scoop it up, and it’s ready.

Lovely color! I should have make some white balls instead. I’m so engrossed with the color dough until I forgotten to keep some dough for white leh! Sigh!


Topped with some Kinako…

Love!!! ❤

I really love the taste of the Kinako. It has a taste that is very much similar to the peanut butter that is indescribably good.

You know what I did? I actually scoop a spoon of Kinako straight my mouth. Eating plain Kinako just like that. It taste soooooo good!!! 😀

Okay.. I’m crazy.

Oh Yea… You will have to eat this cute little balls with something really sweet. Because this Shiratama Dango itself is basically tasteless. It’s normally eaten together with Sweet Adzuki Beans. Or alternatively, you can eat with Brown Sugar Syrup or something else sweet. It’s up to you. So, here’s the basic sweet adzuki bean method.
Ingredient 2 (Sweet Adzuki Beans) 
half cups of adzuki beans
50 grams of brown sugar. This is sweet enough for me.

Method (Sweet Adzuki Beans)
1. Pre-soak adzuki beans for 5 hours. This is to shorten the cooking time.
2. Cook adzuki beans with water till soft.
3. Add in sugar. Stir till sugar is completely melted. Remember to adjust your own sugar level to your preferred sweetness. Heat off. Serve.

I like it when my sweet adzuki beans is more watery. And I mess it up like this!

This is the way! 😀


Japanese Style Light Thin Crust Pizza

It’s 10pm. Max is crying for food, telling me that he’s hungry. But he say “I feel like eating, but I don’t want to eat too full.”

He and all his request. Sigh!

So, being a lazy good wife is never easy here, I have to always be prepared. I open the fridge and see what I have. And there, I think I can make him a thin crust pizza. A light one. He never liked thick pizza with every mouthful of pizza bread. He only eat pizza when it is thin crust. Fussy man!

So here it is… Something simple, something light, something that makes him feels special when I serve him this…

Nice? Don’t get cheated by it’s outlook. Actually, there’s nothing much in this pizza. Because I don’t want it to be heavy. So, you look at the ingredients and you will know what I mean.


  • 1 sheet of Mission Wraps. I used Garlic Flavour. This is a good cheat for your thin crust pizza skin when you don’t wanna put in effort to make pizza crust on your own.
  • a tablespoons of olive oil
  • a tablespoons of Teriyaki Sauce
  • a handful of Mozarella Cheese
  • a handful of Striped Roasted Seaweed
  • a handful of Dried Bonito Flakes
  • sprinkles of seaweed flakes
  • Tomato ketchup (for finishing)

Don’t know what the hell is all these ingredients about? Refer to my picture…

Feeling stressed on where to get those stuffs? Here, I’ll tell you where to source for all these ingredients :

1) Mission Wraps / Teriyaki Sauce / Mozarella Cheese
= You can get it from major NTUC, Cold Storage. Or even Sheng Siong.

2) Striped Roasted Seaweed / Dried Bonito Flakes / Seaweed flakes = You can get it from Daiso. S$2.00 each. Cheap cheap. But of course, you can also get it from Meidi-Ya at Liang Court if you are rich. They do carry these for sure.

1. Heat up your non-stick pan. Brush olive oil on both side of the wrap sheet. By doing this, your pizza will have a real nice crust. Put it on the pan. When the wrap sheet is on the pan, brush the Teriyaki Sauce on top.

2. Sprinkle Mozarella Cheese generously. Cover it up, let it cook under low heat for 3 minutes. Check the bottom of the pizza when you feel necessary, don’t burn it. It should be in toasted light brown color, and yet crispy. After 3 minutes later, if you feel that the pizza is not crust enough, continue to toast it for another minute or two. Gauge it yourself.

3. When your pizza is ready, heat off, put your pizza on the chopping board, sprinkle with seaweed flakes, dried bonito flakes, striped roasted seaweed.

4. Squeeze tomato ketchup over as a finishing. Take photo. Then, cut it into 8 pieces. Take photo again, and then serve! You really have to trust me on this.

This pizza is really thin and crispy. I didn’t cut it when I take picture.

After I took the photo of the whole pizza, I bring it back to the kitchen and cut it. And serve it to Max straight after cutting. I walk back to the kitchen, wanting to wash my chopping board & knife before I come out to take another picture, thought of wanting to show you peeps how thin & how crust the pizza skin is.

But by the time I finished doing my washing, the pizza is gone.  It was a real big regret for doing the washing 1st!


QUICK MEAL : Tteokbokki (Korean Rice Cake)


I had been wanting to eat this popular Korean Snack since a year ago! But I just don’t have the opportunity to buy it. The 1st time I saw this from a TV show, I already tell myself that I’m gonna find this. Several times I saw it at Takashimaya Basement. But it cost S$5 for a tiny bowl which I think there’s only about 5 to 7 pieces of rice cake in there. And the Tteokbokki that they’re selling is being kept at one corner, and it is obviously no longer warm. Max stopped me from buying it. Feelin’ miserable.

I saw this when I was in Jusco Tebrau City JB over the weekend. Without a 2nd thought, I just grab it. I don’t care! Hahahas!!!

This pack of Rice Cake (600gm) cost RM9.90, and Tteokbokki sauce (150g) cost RM7.90.

RM 9.90 + RM 7.90 = RM 17.80 * (exchange rate 2.39) = That would be around S$ 7.45 only!!! And with this pack of rice cake, I can cook alot!!! And cooking at home, I will get piping hot Tteokbokki. Hahaha!!!

This supposed to serve as a snack I suppose? It shouldn’t be a main course right? I’m not sure. But I think there’s no rules here. It’s weekend. We normally won’t take breakfast nor lunch over the weekend. We wake up slightly late, and had brunch instead. So, the next meal should be around 3pm. And normally we just eat light food as hi-tea, because dinner time is just near. A pack of rice cake like this, if I serve it as a hi-tea snack, it should be able to make 7 to 8 servings easily. And if u wanna make it as a meal (lunch maybe?), then, it serves about 4. This is my assumption. Because I only cooked half pack just to give it a try and keep the remaining in the fridge for the next round. I don’t throw a party of 8 you know? But even if I cook for 8 pax, I just paid S$ 7.45 for that pack of rice cake & Tteokbokki sauce only. Not expensive.

As usual, I dig whatever I have from the fridge. Korean cook Tteokbokki with lots of veggies and fish cakes. But I don’t have fish cakes at home. So, I don’t bother. I just cook using whatever veggies I have. That’s my lazy style. Ha!

Okays! Here’s the recipe.

Ingredient (Serves 4 small eater as Hi-Tea Snack)
300gm Korean Rice Cake
75gm Tteokbokki Sauce (or just estimate it yourself, about half pack of the sauce)
1 cups of water
some fish cakes (if you have some, go ahead and add it in)
1 small onions, julienned
1 spring onions
some carrots, julienned
a handful of cabbages, julienned
a pinch of salt to taste if you want. It’s up to individual

1. In a sauce pan, bring the water to boil. Put the rice cake into the water, let it simmer under medium heat. Use a spatula to press the rice cake, you should know it when the rice cake is about to turn soft. The water will turn starchy. Just gauge it yourself.

2. Add in the Tteokbokki sauce, give it a quick stir. Add in all the veggies (and fish cake, if you have some). Mix well.

3. Simmer under low heat for awhile, taste. If you think you need to add a pinch of salt, go ahead. But I personally don’t. Until the veggies turned soft, off the heat and serve.

It’s easy isn’t it? Another quick meal done in less than 20mins.

Ahhh…. I love the color of Tteokbokki.

Look at the rice cake. It’s soft and chewy texture. I love it.

Max doesn’t like it. Although the Tteokbokki sauce taste sweet and spicy, which is quite nice. He complaint that the rice cake itself is rubbery and tasteless. Urgh! This is a rice cake! He expect it to taste like what? Like albalobe? (-_-)

Max mama likes it. When Max is grumbling about the rice cake, she commented that I should try cooking it in Chinese Style. Because she say his son is a CHINESE MAN (chinese-taste-bud). Ha! Maybe she is right. She know her son well.

If you wanna try making this, Rice cake & Tteokbokki sauce should be available at Korean food stores or hypermarkets that carry Korean Imported stuffs. I’m unsure which hypermarket has this, but I could remember there’s a Korean Mini Mart at Vivo City basement. Just opposite Giant. And another Korean Mini Mart at Kallang Leisure Mall. Besides that, I believe Orchard – Takashimaya, Istetan, CK Tang & etc should have Korean Imported stuffs. 

Try it! Remember to post your photos on Facebook and show it to me if you did yours ok?

Stay tuned 🙂